Each year the Waltham Forest Mela is a huge celebration of culture, fashion, community, music and dance and much more...

2019 is no different. We're so excited to welcome you all to Leyton Jubilee Park on Sunday 4 August for one of the biggest South Asian festivals in East London.

Waltham Forest Mela could not happen without a huge amount of amazing support from all kinds of people. Take a look below at the fantastic participants who are involved this year. A huge thanks to year's line up of activities and community performances, including:

Yoga with Purvi Raniga

Bollywood Keep fit with Mavish

Madhuriya Art House (Indian Classical Dance) 

Bat Fast (Cricket) 

L.E.A.D.E.R.S Dance Academy

RAW Academy (East Side story)

Human Library

Chai and Chat


Solo Bollywood Dance performances by Bhagya lakshmi's Academy for Performing Arts

Waltham Forest Tamil Sangham - Dances & fashion by Tamil Dance School 

Arts Canteen - Spoken word by female spoken word artists 

Free creative workshops including:

  • Bollywood Broaches with Momtaz Begum
  • Block printing on tote bags with Katie Matilda Deo
  • Art with Anna Alcock 
  • Carnivalista

Pop up Rickshaw Photobooth - Free if you use your own camera phones or £1.50 if you want an untouched professional image emailed to you.

Scroll to find out others who are involved in this year's Mela Fashion Show...

Fashion Show designers and stylists


Fashion designer and stylist, Rahima, has stamped her creative flair on both individuals and the catwalk with her eclectic mix of colours and natural flair for design. Inspired by British fashion heritage, Rahima brings colour and vibrance to her clothing both designed and upcycled, and has a unique take on current fashion trends when styling clients. Rahima offers her services in personal styling, wardrobe styling and personal shopping. Check out their Instagram, or give them an email.


Marta Stolarczyk always been into restyling clothes. They started to making over their own clothes, then started doing the same for friends, and ended up on opening their small business named MUSIUK. They do costumized clothes based on recycled textiles, and love to work on denim making new creations out of old pairs of jeans and paint on preloved jackets. That's Musiuk, love recycling , restyling, handpaint. Check them out on Instagram.

Remake London

Remake London is a streetwear brand based in one of the most fast paced, fashion centric cities in the world, London.  Dedicated to producing quality unisex clothing and accessories. The message is simple, your past doesn’t have to define a future yet to be realised. We are inspired by a generation where purpose & passion are synonymous. And we hold to the mantra that ‘a new you’ is never out of reach. Check out their website, and find them on Instagram and Facebook.


GQD specialises in Pakistani traditional apparel with a modern twist. All apparel is custom made for each wearer, with comfort at its forefront. GQD takes inspiration from the Pakistani clothing industry which in recent years has grown worldwide. It is now common to see Pakistani designs in western retail stores such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters who have drawn inspiration from the 'Ajrak' print as well the traditional garments of Baluchistan.They are also interested in other areas of Asia in making our designs such as the styles used in Rajasthan, which usually uses the brighter palette of yellows and reds. As a brand, we aspire to bring our traditional designs into mainstream fashion. Find them on Instagram or Facebook.

Ruby Irfan

Ruby is a hair stylist, make-up artist and qualified beauty therapist, who has been featured in KUSH and ASIAN BRIDE magazines. They passionate about my work and like to create to perfection. Find them on Instagram.


Humans are diverse and unique, and Phannatiq understand how important it is for us to cater for that as a clothing brand regardless of gender, size, age or any other defining characteristic. They want to make clothes that you can be yourself in. They want to make clothes that you feel confident in. They want to fit in with you rather than ask that you fit in with us. Style, self-expression, attitude and sustainability are at our core. After all, life is too short to feel uncomfortable. Clothes for people - be yourself with phannatiq. Check out their website and their Instagram.

Humeera Dar

Humeera Dar's brand is about showing their ‘solidarity and freedom’ to their Kashmiri origins. They design in hope for peace. The brand is unisex casual-wear mixed with a fusion of Kashmiri heritage and Humeera Dar's East London vibe. The brand is about giving back to the communities and donating to charities here and aboard. Check out their Instagram.

Woven World

Welcome to Lou's Woven World! Lou is an aspiring designer with dreams of working on socially conscious fashion and textiles projects that celebrate the world's wondrous woven creations. Lou design and make clothes whenever they can and also writes a blog on the tantalising textiles that they admire on my adventures at home and abroad. Check out Lou's Instagram, and give their blog a read!