As part of our year as the Mayor’s first London Borough of Culture, Lilah Fowler has been artist-in-residence at Whipps Cross Hospital exploring the past, present and future of the hospital. 

Artist Lilah Fowler will be collaborating with Vital Arts, the Arts and Wellbeing service for Barts Health NHS Trust, to create a unique installation along the main public areas of corridor of Whipps Cross Hospital. Lilah Fowler’s work considers the relationship between digital and physical landscapes, taking inspiration from everyday situations. Lilah Fowler often collaborates with professionals from other disciplines, such as quantum physicists, geochemists and computer programmers.   
The Whipps Cross Hospital site has a rich history, having opened in 1903 with a striking design featuring symmetrical towers and a corridor which spans nearly a quarter of a mile which is still in use to this day. The hospital is firmly embedded in the community and taking the legacy of this area into consideration, Lilah will be taking inspiration from the 'magic lantern' slides found in the Epping Forest and Vestry Museum archives, for her installation at Whipps Cross.  
This project will further an established residency programme for Vital Arts, who have previously commissioned projects with artists including Peter Liversidge, Catherine Yass and Ruth Ewan.  

More information coming soon