Future Creatives is a training programme aimed to inspire the cultural leaders of tomorrow! 

The Future Creatives was born out of Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019 with the aim to provide a unique opportunity that will help underrepresented young people ages 16-25 years from the borough to build the experience, skills and networks that are vital to navigating and influencing the creative industries. Within the first year of the programme alone, we supported 100 young people from the borough. 

What we do 

Development – Throughout the programme we have a variety of employability sessions, industry socials and personal development days to get young people ready for the workplace. 

Employment – Our expert team are dedicated having strong connections and partners within the creative sector we make it our mission in helping young people on the programme get in paid employment. 

Mentoring– We welcome young creatives from a variety of disciplines and to ensure they get a real insight into the sector; we team young people with industry experts to learn from. 

Contact us! 

Want to know more about Future Creatives? Then drop us a line at futurecreatives@walthamforest.gov.uk