Waltham Forest Mela is returning, refreshed for 2019! 

Find out everything you need to know about the event here.

Where is the event happening?
Waltham Forest Mela will take place in Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymour Road/Marsh Lane, London E10 7BL.

What are the times of the event?
The event starts at 2pm and finishes at 9pm.

Do I need a ticket?   
No, this is a free event and you don’t need to book in advance. However capacity is limited so we recommend you arrive as early as possible to avoid disappointment. The Mela kicks off at 2pm.

Where are the nearest tube station?
Lea Bridge Station (Greater Anglia) – 0.6 miles
Leyton Midland Road (London Overground) – 0.9 miles 
Leyton Underground (Central Line) – 1.3 miles

Download the walking map here.

Do these stations have step free access to the platform? Is there a lift?    
Lea Bridge station has a lift. Leyton Underground and Leyton Midland Road do not have step free access. 

Which bus routes do I use to get to the event?
Leyton Jubilee Park can be accessed by the 58, 158, 48, 55, 56 and N158 bus routes

What happens if it rains?    
We’ll be going ahead come rain or shine, so do check the weather forecast so you can dress appropriately. 

Can I bring my bicycle to the event?    
Yes, you are encouraged to cycle to the event, but you will not be able to bring you bike into the main site. There is cycle parking just outside. There will be a bike park available for guests to use, these are left at the owners own risk.

What time do gates open?    
Gates open at 2pm.

What is the performance schedule?
Please see below for the performance times for the Main Stage and ReFusion Stage. Please be aware these are subject to change.

Main Stage:
2.45-3.10pm    Lokkhi Terra
3.15-4pm    Najma Akhtar
4.05-4.20pm    Mela Committee
5.30-5.05pm    Sahara
5.10-5.35pm    Navin Kundra
5.40-6.05pm    Harvey Sahota
6.10-6.40pm    Mona Singh
6.45-7.10pm    Bonafide
7.15-7.40pm    Roach Killa
7.45-8.15pm    H-Dhami
8.20-9pm    Apache Indian

ReFusion Stage
2.30-2.50pm    Madhuriya Arts Dance
3-3.30pm    Eastside Story
3.40-3.50pm    Sri Lankan Dance School
4-4.30pm    Fashion Show
4.45-5.05pm    Madhuriya Arts Dance
5.15-5.45pm    Arts Canteen spoken word
5.55-6.10pm    Hani King
6.20-6.35pm    L.E.A.D.E.R.S.
6.45-7.15pm    Shama Rahman
7.25-7.45pm    Sri Lankan dance School
7.55-8.15pm    Bollywood Dancers – Bhagya Laxmi

Am I allowed to leave and re-enter the event?  
Yes you can. The event will operate on a one in one out policy once the event space is full. If you leave the event you may have to queue to re-enter the site. Please bare this in mind if you are leaving family and friends inside the event space as you may have to wait to re-enter. 

Is the show suitable for children and families?    
Yes, this event is suitable for families and people of all ages. We ask that all children from the ages of 14 and under are supervised by an adult at all times. Wristbands will be issued for all children and vulnerable adults on entry gates and information points. These wristbands enable you to write your mobile number on it (please do not write the individual's name) and attach it to their wrist. This means we can reunite you much quicker if you become separated.

Is the show wheelchair accessible?
Yes – most of the main site is flat and easily accessible in good weather. A hard path runs through the centre of the park enabling access to the grounds to the two performance areas. But please be aware that the main stage, food court and some of the other areas are all located on grass, so in wet weather these areas may get muddy, and might be difficult to access.

Are there accessible toilets?    
Yes - accessible toilets are available at each of the toilet blocks on the site. There are also accessible toilets inside the parks café. 

Is there accessible parking available?    
Yes, we will have a limited number of blue badge spaces available on a first come first served basis. 
Please email Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019 and provide them with your details including your blue badge parking reference details.

Are there cash machines on site?
There are no cash machines on site, but there are machines on the way to the event. We advise you bring cash with you. Alternatively all food vendors and bars will have card payment facilities.

What advice is there for people with sensory needs?    
The event site will be busy, loud could have flashing lights so if these may cause distress, caution is advised. Please email Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019 if you have any specific questions.

What food and drink is available at the event?    
There will be a selection traders selling a range of hot food and drinks.

Can I bring my own food and drink to the event?    
You may bring your own food into the event site. You are not permitted to bring opened/unsealed containers with soft drinks or water into the festival. You may bring sealed cans of soft drinks into the festival site. You can bring empty bottles sized 500ml or less to use at water refill points inside the festival. If you have a valid medical condition or need to bring babies milk, please email our team at Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019.

What items can/can’t I bring with me?   
Please see our full list of T&C’s here.

Will there be vegan and gluten free food options?    

Will there be Halal food options?

Is there access to free drinking water on site?   

I am a local resident, what is the phone number to reach the event organisers on to make a complaint?    
Please call Waltham Forest Council on 0208 496 3000, they will log your complaint and the organisers will be in touch as per the Councils complaints procedure.

What are the festival ground conditions like?
The festival is located outdoors and on a green field site. The site is generally flat and accessible however please consider that as is the nature of a green field site, the ground can be uneven and conditions underfoot can be effected by weather and heavy footfall. Please wear sensible shoes and take care in areas where ground is uneven or has been affected by adverse weather.

Which roads and CPZs will be affected by the event?
This will be available very shortly. Please keep an eye on this page.

Will there be filming and photography at the event?    
Yes. By entering this event you give your consent for your images to be used without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF) may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by LBWF including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television and websites. If you have any concerns please raise them with the staff at the information marquee.

What medical facilities do you have in place?    
There will be a first aid point located on site. Mobile first aiders will also patrol the site at various points throughout the day.

We remind you to drink plenty of water at all times. You are encouraged to bring refillable water flask containers with you and refill at the various designated water points across site. Please help us reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill by choosing to refill your bottles rather than purchasing plastic water bottles and bringing them with you to the show.

The show is an outdoor event, so be prepared for all conditions – please remember that even though the show is under cover the ground conditions may still be muddy. Please wear appropriate footwear.

Is there any normal parking provided? If not, where is the nearest car park?
There is no public car park at the show. You are encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport wherever possible.

Accessible Parking is available and is free of charge for Blue Badge holders only. Friends and/or family arriving in separate vehicles will not be able to use this facility. Spaces must be applied for in advance of the show and allocated on a first come, first served basis 

If you are still considering driving to the event, please consider GoCarShare or Liftshare and help reduce carbon emissions to and from the event. Surrounding residential parking is extremely limited, so be prepared to have to park some distance away from site and please be mindful of local residents.

To help you find a suitable parking place that won’t impact on surrounding, businesses, residents or roads please visit Parkopedia or JustPark.

Will dog walking on the site be affected?
Partially during the event certain areas will be fenced off for public safety. On the day of the event the park will be closed from 7am.

Can I bring my dog?   
Our general approach is to welcome well-behaved dogs on a lead at our events. There may be circumstances relating to the location or nature of the event which make it unsuitable for dogs and we will advise accordingly. 

Can I smoke at the event?    
The same regulations apply at the Mela as the rest of the country. You can smoke in the open air but not inside the tents or seated food court. Look out of for the no smoking signs

Where can I find my lost property?     
Any lost property handed in will be taken to the lost property area located within the information point. This is clearly signed within the event space. If you have any trouble finding it, show ambassadors will be on hand at information points and walking around site to assist you.

Lost property will be kept by the organisers for two weeks only post show. After this time, any property left unclaimed will be passed on to either a local charity shop or destroyed.

What time will the music finish?    

What security arrangements are in place? Will everyone entering the site be searched?
Public safety is paramount for all public events in Waltham Forest. An assessment of the security and crowd management plans for the event is carried out in consultation with the local police the security company working the event. This is constantly reassessed up until the event.

In line with all other major public events, a condition of entry is that all visitors will be subject to mandatory bag and body searches. Metal detectors will also be in operation.

You are advised to allow extra time to get in, especially if you bring bags with you. Please make a note of the show’s Prohibited Items before attending.

Will there be gender neutral toilet provision?    

Will mobility scooters be allowed entry?    
Yes, electric mobility scooters are permitted, these will be subject to a full search. Please be aware that the event is taking place on a grass field. Please note there are unfortunately no charging points available at this site. 

I want to have a stall at the event, who do I contact?    
Please contact the Enterprising Council team by emailing innovation@walthamforest.gov.uk

Can I bring DSLR camera?    
We do not allow cameras with detachable lenses such as the SLR and DSLR cameras. You can bring any other camera to the festival for your personal use. Any other professional film and video equipment, which is not authorized by management in advance, will not be permitted. If you wish to film and record at the show, please get in touch. Amateur photography does not require advance accreditation and is permitted on site.

Can I take photos?    
Yes as long as it is for personal use.

Can I film the event?    
Yes. Any professional film and video equipment, which is not authorised by management in advance, will not be permitted. If you wish to film and record at the show, please get in touch.

Amateur photography with professional equipment does not require advance accreditation and is permitted on site.

Are drones permitted to be used within the event space?    
The use of drones within the event space is prohibited. 

Are all the artists being fairly paid for their contribution? What the local performers?    
Yes, both international touring artists and locals are being paid fairly for their contributions to the event. 

I want to volunteer at this event, how can I get involved?    
Anyone can sign up to be a Legend of the Forest - a London Borough of Culture 2019 volunteer.

Don’t forget     

  • There will be a full perimeter fence around the event in the park and heightened security measures in place throughout the show itself
  • All visitors will be subject to searching on entry, so you are advised to allow extra time to get into the event
  • Wristbands will be issued for all children and vulnerable adults on entry gates and information points. These wristbands enable you to write your mobile number on it, but not the child’s or vulnerable adult’s name, and attach to their wrist. This means we can reunite you much quicker if you become separated
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to the event. See our full Terms and Conditions
  • CCTV may be in operation throughout the whole of the event
  • We operate a zero tolerance policy on drugs and ‘legal highs’
  • Official filming and photography will be taking place at the event
  • The use of drones/UAV’s is strictly prohibited. For more information, visit Government Legislation
  • All BBQs are strictly prohibited, including disposables
  • Please help us reduce waste going to landfill and increase our recycling rate. You can do this by simply discarding your drinks, plates and other waste in to the clearly marked bins correctly
  • When leaving the show, please be considerate of our neighbours and leave quietly.